Foot Pain Treatments

Foot Pain Treatments

Are you getting troubled with foot pains at the end of a long day? Foot pain is a common condition found in many individuals. This mainly because it’s our feet that bear our full weight when we stand and undergo heavy functioning while we walk. However, regardless of whether the pain in your foot is mild or severe, there are a number of foot pain treatments available that relaxes and soothes your feet.

To relieve your pain and discomfort in an instance, we bring you some of the best and the easiest foot pain treatments.

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But before learning the treatments, it’s also important to know the general causes for foot pains. Pains can mainly arise due to,

  • Deformities

  • Injuries

  • Biomechanical conditions

  • Certain footwear

There are foot pain treatments, home remedies and also preventive measures to cure your foot pains. Now let’s look at some of the treatments for heel, ball of foot, arch pain etc.

Treatment for Plantar Fasciitis

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f you are experiencing bottom of heel pain or arch pains in your feet, you may have the condition known as plantar fasciitis. You can identify plantar fasciitis if your foot pains in arch and/or heel is severe in the mornings especially when you are getting out of bed. As foot pain treatments for this condition, it’s advised to conduct muscle stretches or plantar fasciitis exercises for your feet and to provide them rest. You can also obtain over-the-counter pain killers as a temporary relief. To prevent further plantar fasciitis pains it’s advised to wear plantar fasciitis shoes with a cushioned sole and increased arch support.

Treatment for Heel Spurs

Heel spurs are caused by abnormal bone growths at the bottom of your heel. If you feel bottom of heel pain while you’re standing or walking, you may have been subject to heel spurs. If you are someone born with flat feet or the opposite, high arches in feet, the probability of getting painful heel spurs is high. The cause can either be heavy weight, wearing improper shoes or wrong posture or abnormal walking styles or even running.

Resting your feet is a treatment that is best while obtaining pain killers will also reduce the heel pain. Wearing shoes that have shock absorption qualities and that properly fit can also prevent and treat heel spurs. Physical therapy and medical treatments are also recommended.

Treatments for Flat Feet

Flat Fleet, also known as fallen arches is a condition where the upward curve or the arch found normally in adult feet is not prominent or absent. Flat feet can be caused by torn tendons, broken or dislocated bones, abnormalities from birth, damages or even obesity, aging and diabetes.

Having flat feet is not always painful but if you are suffering from a pain there are a number of foot pain treatments you can follow. Pain killers such as nonsteroidal anti-inflammotories, ice to reduce any swellings, resting your feet are some of the basic treatments. But for long term relief there are specialized physical therapy, stretching exercises, casts, modified shoes, orthotic devices etc. as well. But if the pain is severe, it’s recommended to obtain medical surgery under the guidance of a doctor.

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Treatments for Sesamoiditis/ Ball of foot pain

Sesamoiditis is a condition that occurs mostly in young people who engage in sports and dancing activities. It’s mainly identified by ball of foot pain in the ball of the foot in the sesamoid bones. If you experience mild pain in the described area, the best treatment is providing rest for your feet. For prolonged pain loss, it’s advised to wear modified shoes or shoes with appropriate shoe pads to decrease the pressure to the sesamoid bones.

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pplying ice to the ball of foot for 10-15 minutes after stressful activity and exercise, covering the big toe with tape or any other athletic strap to reduce its mobility and also decreasing activity altogether are some of the best
foot pain treatments for Sesamoiditis. Women are specially advised to refrain from wearing heels until the condition is cured.

Treatments for Morton’s neuroma

Another condition that causes bottom of foot pain is Morton’s neuroma. The most common area for the occurrence of Morton’s neuroma is between the third and fourth toes in the bottom of your foot. The condition causes you to feel a pebble like structure in the said area when you keep your foot on the ground.

Morton’s Neuroma is caused by enlargement/ thickening of a nerve that leads to your toes and is painful and uncomfortable. This can also cause toe pain, numbness and stinging of toes.

The condition is treated mainly by therapy using shoe modifications; shoe inserts which can be purchased from pharmaceutical stores or from a doctor. In addition to this, injection of steroids to the affected area, decompression surgery and surgical removal of the nerve are also followed in severe cases.

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Home remedies for foot pain

In addition to all the treatments specified for foot pain conditions, there are number of general home remedies that can relieve you of the pain as well. A water bath, a good massage for your tired feet at the end of the day can not only ease the pain but also give you a relaxation to end a long day in peace.

1. Hot and cold water treatment

T his therapy is an effective method of treating top of foot pain, ball of foot pain, pain in your arches and bottom of foot pain. Dip your feet in a bucket of hot water for 3 minutes and then dip your feet in cold water for a minute. Repeat for 2-3 times and you will feel your foot pain drifting away.

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2 . Soaking and massaging

Soaking your feet in warm water is a great way to refresh your sore feet. Using a few drops of essential oils in the water and giving your feet a soothing massage will easily take away the toe pain, bottom of foot pain as well as the top of foot pain and also reduce your stress.

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3. Ice massage

I ce is a good method to relieve heel pain, arch pain or ball of foot pain for a temporary period. You can either use a pack of ice or a pack of frozen vegies or fruits to massage the area that hurts. This will numb the nerve endings and reduce swelling, giving you a relief from the bottom of foot pain. Remember not to use the ice pack for over 10 minutes at a stretch.

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4 . Vinegar or Epsom salt bath

A hot water bath for your feet with either two tablespoons of vinegar or three tablespoons of Epsom salt can give you instant relief from heel pain. Soak your feet up to 15-20 minutes. You can use vinegar and Epsom salt together as well. But be sure to apply moisturizer on your feet afterwards as salt can dry your feet.

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All these foot pain treatments and remedies can take away your suffering and leave you refreshed and relaxed. But following accurate treatment procedures are essential. Therefore if you have any doubts, be sure to take the advice of a professional!

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