Mava Knee Compression Sleeves Review

Mava Knee Compression Sleeves Review

The best knee compression sleeves on the market are hard to pin down, but important to, as a decent set of sleeves can end up costing you a fair penny.

You’ll be pleased to know that the Mava sports knee compression sleeves are one of the best pair of sleeves available, and that they cost under $40!

Man With Mava Knee Wraps Weightlinfting

Users of the Mava sports knee sleeves absolutely love the strap on comfort of these sleeves. And despite being a serious power-lifting capable sleeve, they are still quite easy to put on.

This set of sleeves will keep your knee warm and protected without any fuss while you’re out at the gym cross training or lifting weights. You’ll probably end up wondering why you ever needed any other set of sleeves.

What We Like 

Below we compiled a list of things that most impressed us.

Versatile Support

Knee sleeves are great. So are knee braces, and knee bands, and knee defenders. For those of us who don’t know what the difference between these products is, go google it, or simply purchase this pair of knee sleeves.

The whole loop design system of these sleeves has been carefully constructed to enable them to function as all of the above roles. Just put one pair of sleeves on and you have the support level of all of the above listed products!

Compression Settings

Most knee compression sleeves come with only one level of compression. These sleeves, with their unique hook and loop closure design allow the user to choose how much compression they want during any given workout.

This adjustable setting is what allows these sleeves to be excellent for both extreme exertions like powerlifting and more aerobic ones like CrossFit training. They’re a great “gym buddy overall general knee sleeve.

Color Choices

For the fashion conscious gym goer, the fact that these sleeves come in a variety of colors is a big plus. You’ll find that they come in striped designs with your choice of accents color. Personally, we’re partial to the blue, but to each their own.

Mava Knee Wraps On Weights

The perks of choosing a zany color means that it’ll be easy to identify why knee compressors are yours in the locker room!


Now, the Mava knee compression sleeves can take a little longer to apply than other sleeves, but this is well worth it considering how easy to wear they are once they’re on.

The high quality 72 inch elastic knee support uses protective fabric technology to ensure that they won’t slip mid-workout. This non-slip feature is further enhanced by the Velcro closing mechanism which won’t allow the straps to come undone easily.

You can exercise comfortable with these on without having to worry about them moving about or feeling overly stiff. Joy!

Itch Evasive

Reviewers who have had trouble with itching from other knee compression sleeves will be happy to hear that this particular pair have been constructed with skin-friendly fabric.

The Mava knee sleeves have been designed to wear all year round in any season without itching or discomfort. As usual those with sensitive skin should still consult the exact fabric make-up list to ensure they make a good purchase for themselves.

What We Don’t Like

Despite how fantastic the Mava knee compression sleeves wrap around system sounds, reviewers have said that they actually found this system rather irritating.

Wrapping Problems

The main problem seems to be that it is quite hard to get even pressure throughout the construction. Due to the self-application nature of this product, some people were able to have better success with it than others.

Elastic Wearing

Reviewers are disappointed that the Mava knee compression sleeves look like they might wear out over time. Not the whole sleeves, but specifically the elastic on which the Velcro catches when you take these sleeves off.

Man Putting Mava Knee Wraps

The Mava knee compressors were clearly designed for short-medium term use and do an excellent job of providing compression, given that they are replaced every now and then.

Shipping Issues

Although this is more to do with the retailers and couriers than the manufacturers, it is worth noting that some online reviewers are upset with the quality of the product that arrived on their front door step. You need to make sure that if you are buying your sleeves online that you buy from a reputable retailer like Amazon.

Buying advice

At under $30 for a pair, the Mava knee compression sleeves are a good deal considering their cool features. While they may not be suited to everyday wear, they are certainly an excellent addition to any gym bag.

The compression power of the sleeves is adjustable meaning that they will work well for most types of physical activity – a sort of one sleeve meets all approach.

The purchasing process should go fairly smoothly provided that you can make your mind up about what color you’re after! Fortunately, because of the wraparound design you don’t need to choose a “size” as per say, which can help to mean you don’t choose wrongly online.

Overall, they’re a good find for their price range and buying a few sets for use over the years is probably advisable as we don’t see knee compression sleeves of this type on the market that often.


The Mava sports knee compression sleeves are a great sleeve choice for anyone looking for all-purpose general gym sleeves. Lifting those weights might be that little bit easier with these sleeves, and definitely safer.

The sleeves have a good design that’s extremely practical, and the adjustable levels of compression may well be something that you thank yourself for purchasing later on down the track.

Mava Sports Knee Wraps


If you’re on a bit of a budget when it comes to your knee sleeves, then this is a good pair as it can be used for so many things. So, what are you waiting for? Pick a color!

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