Nordic Lifting Knee Compression Sleeves Review

Nordic Lifting Knee Compression Sleeves Review

Nordic Lifting is a well trusted manufacturer of knee compression sleeves and other weight lifting equipment. With years of experience at their back, Nordic's knee compression sleeves are powerfully designed to help support even the most extreme exercisers.

The Powerlifting & CrossFit targeted pair are of a versatile make and would be suitable for anyone who wants to safeguard their knees – even if only from lighter gym activity. The exceptional technology of these sleeves allows you to train up to some hard-core levels though!

Nordic's compression technology is proven to help promote the muscle recovery of its wearers, as well as providing them with injury prevention protection.

Nordic Lifting Knee Compression Sleeves

Combining the compression technology with a unisex design which can be worn by either men or women, the Nordic Lifting team have covered a lot of the market with these sleeves.

Don't just take our word for it though, we’ll take a look at what some current users are saying about these knee sleeves later on too.

What We Like 

Here are the most important things that we compiled for this knee sleeve:

Extra Strong Hold

The most important thing about any knee compression sleeve is the strength of the fabric and this pair of sleeves from Nordic Lifting doesn’t fall short in that arena.

An indicator of the strength of fabric can be its thickness, and this pair of sleeves is 7mm thick neoprene! Many reviewers have found it convenient that the fabric is thick enough to provide both support and warmth to their muscles while exercising.

Most people have reported that their pair of Nordic Lifting knee compression sleeves do indeed feel very strong – almost bordering on too strong for those who ordered a size to small. Of course, whether you value a strong grip will depend on how much support your knee requires and the flexibility of the exercise involved.

Even with the extra strong fabric, the designers of these sleeves have also added in some reinforced stitching to make absolutely sure that these sleeves will be able to go the distance with you. Throughout your exercising years, these sleeves will be able to keep up!

Nordic Lifting Knee Compression Sleeves Measurements

Costing only a little compared to other sleeves, we’re very impressed by the durability and strength of support that this pair offers.

Excellent Warranty

Who doesn’t love a decent warranty period? Reviewers are happy with the durability of the Nordic Lifting sleeves, but it is always nice to know that you do have a backup if things go south.

Most clothing items don’t come with a warranty, so it’s a nice thing for Nordic Lifting to have thrown in a 1-year one with these sleeves. The offer alone makes us feel a lot more confident about the manufacturing quality of these sleeves.

Machine Washable

Now, knee compression sleeves are well known to be slightly smelly after a heavy bout of weight lifting or other physical exercise at the gym. Even with their specialized material, this pair of sleeves is completely machine washable!

This makes the Nordic Lifting knee compression sleeves a great choice for anyone who values convenience and just couldn’t see themselves hand washing their sleeves in the tub. Reviewers are pleased that they are so easy to clean – though most still won’t recommend a drying machine.

Superior Fitting

A single cm in the wrong direction by a seamstress can completely change the “feel” of a pair of knee compression sleeves because they sit so tightly against your muscles. Fortunately, these have been very well designed to properly support your body’s natural alignment.

Woman Wearing Knee Sleeves

Reviewers love the feel of these sleeves as they support their knees – saying that they feel tight, well fitted and very supportive.

What We Don’t Like

With all the praises reviewers are giving the Nordic Lifting knee compression sleeves, it’s a wonder that other reviewers also exist saying they don’t like these sleeves. We wouldn’t be doing our job if we didn’t outline the shortfalls of these sleeves too, so here they are.

Difficult Removal

These knee compression sleeves come properly fitted. In other words, it can be difficult for inexperienced users to get the sleeves off after a work-out. This is largely due to muscle expansion under the sleeves during workout.

The easiest way to take the sleeves off is to take hold of the top of an individual sleeve and roll it down so that the sleeve becomes “inside-out”. This effectively means that the hot and sweaty (read “sticky to your leg hair”) part of the sleeve is no longer what will be slid off your leg surface!

Causes Heat And Sweat

Another issue some reviewers have come across is that these sleeves really do amp up the temperature on their muscles. For those doing serious training this can be a good thing, but everyday wearers may decide that this isn’t the pair of compression sleeves best suited to their needs.

Buying Advice

The single pair of Nordic Lifting knee compression sleeves usually costs around $40, making them great value for money if you want a heavy duty pair of sleeves.

Nordic Lifting Knee Compression Sleeves


Easy to maintain with machine washing and a great 1 year warranty, these are a fairly solid purchasing decision if you’re in the market for advanced knee compression sleeves.

It’s not easy to find a good knee compression sleeve at such an extremely reasonable price, making this pair from Nordic Lifting quite special.


Exercisers wanted convenience with regard to washing, strength with regard to support, and proper fit with regard to posture. Nordic Lifting have delivered on all these qualities very well with their knee compression sleeves.

Maintaining these sleeves with appropriate washing and wearing routines will help allow them to serve you faithfully for many years to come. If you’re in the market for an extreme pair of knee compression sleeves to use at the gym – these might be for you!

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