Orthofeet Avery Island Shoes Review

Orthofeet Avery Island Shoes Review

Have you ever had sore aching feet, from spending the day on your feet on a hard surface? 

How about feet problems, such as Plantar Fasciitis, bunions, hammer toe, corns or diabetic neuropathy, where the thought of wearing the average pair of shoes is making your mind scream in protest?

If you are looking for a shoe that is designed to be stylish enough to not be too casual, comfortable enough that your foot will thank you for it and designed to be capable of being worn with orthotic innersoles, then the Avery Island from Orthofeet is one such shoe that is worth considering in our opinion.

About The Product

There are several features of the Avery Island Oxford by Orthofeet that make this shoe ideally suited to men with foot, leg or back problems who require a shoe that is more comfortable that the typical shoe available on the market. A quick summary of the key features that make the Avery Island Oxford by Orthofeet stand out from the competition

  • Specifically, designed rubber sole for use in orthotic footwear
  • A contoured orthotic insole designed to reduce foot and leg pain
  • Designed to give people a natural smooth walking gait when walking
  • Wide toe design to eliminate pressure on the toe area
  • Padded inner surfaces for people with extra sensitive feet, allowing problems such as bunions and corns to be taken care of
  • Designed for people with foot pain

What We Like

The Avery Island Oxford by Orthofeet has been specifically designed for people with foot problems. Whether it is plantar fasciitis, bunions, hammer toe, foot pain or more serious conditions such as arthritic pain, the Avery Island Oxford has been designed with these problems in mind.

The specially engineered sole has been designed to create a cushioning effect when being worn, reducing the jarring effects that would normally be experienced by the feet and legs when walking.

Orthofeet Avery Island Shoe Sole

Added to this is the extra support provided to the arch of the foot, which your feet are going to thank you for. The spring-like technology in the soles of the shoes are designed to give your feet that feeling of walking on marshmallows.

The extra toe room of the Orthofeet Avery Island Oxford, literally provides you with extra wiggle room for your toes. This not only reduces further damage to any existing toe problems you may have but will help to make the wearer’s feet more comfortable during the day and reduce the chances of possible foot problems developing later.

I like the fact that when you buy a pair of Avery Island Oxfords, you are also provided with two adjustable inner sole spacers (one eighth of an inch and the other one sixteenth of an inch) to ensure that the shoes can be fitted even more comfortably to your feet.

It would be too easy for Orthofeet to just provide a shoe however these spacers help the wearer to make sure that they can customize their shoes to the needs of their feet.

The lightweight design allows the wearer to walk around without that feeling that they have their feet stuck in tubs of cement. I don’t know about you, but when it comes to walking I want to have heavy footwear dragging my foot down.

The nice styling that makes these shoes wearable gives you the comfort benefits of a pair of very good casual shoes and the respectability of shoes for social occasions.

What We Don’t Like

The biggest frustration that a small number of reviews reported was having the soles wear out on their shoes. Without knowing how frequently the shoes were being worn and on what type of surfaces it is hard to say much more.

Orthofeet Avery Island Shoes Features

It would only be fair to point out here though, that for the manufacturers to make the soles of a pair of shoes last longer would require them to make the soles out of much harder and more durable material.

The obvious problem with doing this, however, is that it would then totally defeat the purpose of having shoes specially designed for people in need of an unusually comfortable pair of shoes. As with all manufacturing and design decisions, there will always have to be some tradeoffs between two mutually exclusive features.

Based on the many reviews I read about the Orthofeet Avery Island Oxford, it seems that any possible issue some of the reviews had with the soles of the shoes was overwhelmed by the gratitude of people for whom the comfort and relief they experienced from wearing the Orthofeet Avery Island Oxford.

Buying Advice

All in all, the Avery Island Oxford from Orthofeet is a comfortable shoe for anyone needing more than just a standard pair of shoes. The Avery Island Oxford is available at a good price and in a variety of sizes, in either brown or black, from reputable online stores such as Amazon.

The price may be more expensive than some seemingly similar shoes available but at the end of the day your feet are going to grateful that you bought them.


Although the soles of the Orthofeet Avery Island Oxford are not going to last forever, very few shoes ever do and the positives of this shoe far outweigh the negatives.

Orthofeet Avery Island Shoe

Source: orthofeet.com

As far as shoes for people with foot problems go, this shoe has got to be a winner. Bunions, corns, hammer toe, arthritis, plantar fasciitis and a wide-ranging host of other possible foot problems have been specifically looked after with the Avery Island Oxford by Orthofeet.

There are several ways in which Orthofeet has done this such as the cushioned soles, the wide toe room and the well-padded inner lining of the shoe. Just as good to know is that this shoe’s orthotic design means that wearers should be less likely to suffer foot, leg or back problems than the wearers of some other shoes.

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