Orthofeet Women’s Chelsea Shoes Review

Orthofeet Women’s Chelsea Shoes Review

When you need the extreme comfort of a well-designed orthotic shoe, without any of the ugliness image that such “comfortable shoes” usually evoke, there is an ever-increasing number of choices available on the market.

The Orthofeet Women’s Chelsea, is one such shoe, which in our opinion, meets all the requirements we look for when wanting more comfortable shoes than the average pair but don’t want the ugly “comfortable shoe” that so often springs to mind when we think of “comfortable shoes”.

About The Product

There is a plethora of shoes and shoe designs available for the modern woman however when you have foot problems, such as bunions, Plantar Fasciitis, hammer toe, protonation, arthritis or any other number of painful possible problems, your choices become suddenly limited.

Orthofeet Women’s Chelsea Shoes Sole

Sometimes it seems than you can have comfort or you can have a professional work shoe but you can’t have both. The Women’s Chelsea loafer by Orthofeet has been designed to specifically address this very problem; a professional appearing work shoe that has been built for comfort.

Ideally a good shoe for women with foot problems must not only look good but also be specifically designed for existing painful foot problems, while at the same time helping to make sure that problems with the feet, legs and back do not start happening either.

So, if that is the intention of the Women’s Chelsea loafer from Orthofeet - how does it really stack up? The Women’s Chelsea by Orthofeet has several features that make it especially good for ladies with foot problems. A Quick Summary of the Key Features that make the Women’s Chelsea shoe by Orthofeet stand out from the competition

  • Specifically, designed rubber sole for use in orthotic footwear
  • A contoured orthotic insole designed to reduce foot, leg and back pain by way of arch support and gel padding built into the sole of this shoe
  • Designed to give people a natural smooth walking gait when walking, that helps to reduce the chances of muscle or joint damage
  • A wide toe design reducing pressure on the toe area
  • No seam, padded inner surfaces for people with extra sensitive feet, allowing problems such as bunions, corns and rheumatoid arthritis to be taken care of
  • Designed specifically for people with foot pain
  • Designed to be easily slipped on

What We Like

The Women’s Chelsea by Orthofeet has a specially designed insole that helps to cushion feet from the jarring of walking, reducing possible damage to the feet, joints, legs and back. Given the prevalence of joint and other musculoskeletal problems in the general population, these shoes help you stay active and pain free.

I definitely can see how these shoes would suit a woman looking for a classy pair of works who has to be on her feet walking around all day at work on hard floor surfaces.

The wider than average toe space also helps to make sure that you are not pinching your toes and that any foot problems, such as bunions and corns, do not prevent you from being able to wear shoes.

Putting On Orthofeet Women’s Chelsea Shoes

Another thing that we like about Orthofeet’s shoes is that they come with two extra inserts (one of them being one eighth of an inch and the other being one sixteenth of an inch). These extra inserts give you a greater ability to customize your shoes to your specific size and needs.

The Women’s Chelsea shoe has some stretch-ability and flexibility that makes it a suitable shoe for women whose feet may be prone to swelling. The fact that these shoes are a slip-on shoe, is just one more feature that helps to make the Women’s Chelsea from Orthofeet, a good shoe for people with foot problems.

One of the key things that I like about the Women’s Chelsea shoe is that they are ideal for people with feet problems but are also classy enough to pass for a professional work shoe.

What We Didn’t Like

Some women found that the toe was still too tight (in spite of having extra toe width), while the heel was too big for them. Other women found that the shoe size they ordered was not quite right, being either too big or too small.

As many of you will know by now, this is perfectly normal when buying clothing and shoes online and is not really as much of a problem as it may sound, given that any good online retailer, such as Amazon, has a return/replacement policy subject to their normal conditions.

Apart from problems some women have had with the fitting of the shoes they bought there was no other problems that we consistently came across when researching the Women’s Chelsea loafer.

Buying Advice

In our opinion, this shoe is a good choice for women wanting both a good professional work shoe and one that will provide them with the comfort and support their foot problems require.

The Women’s Chelsea loafer by Orthofeet is available at good online retailers, such as Amazon, which have the standard free return/replacement policy (subject to conditions) that adds peace of mind when buying online.


The Women’s Chelsea loafer by Orthofeet has good toe space and a uniquely supportive cushioning sole, allowing a woman to work on her feet all day long, without the discomfort normally experienced with many other types of shoes. The additional soft inner lining provides extra padding for any foot problems such as bunions and corns.

Orthofeet Chelsea Comfort Orthopedic Diabetic Orthotic Womens Loafers Slip On Shoes

source: orthofeet.com

Do some women find getting the right shoe size a problem - yes, but that isn’t a problem specific to this particular brand or type of shoe. The return and replacement policy of many online retailers makes this a minor problem at best.

When a woman needs a suitable professional work shoe and also an orthotic shoe that will accommodate orthotic inserts, as well as accommodate feet problems such as bunions, corns and plantar fasciitis then the Women’s Chelsea loafer by Orthofeet is well worth considering in our opinion.

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