Physix Gear Sports Massage Balls Review

Physix Gear Sports Massage Balls Review

Physix Gear Sports massage balls have taken the internet by storm and are one of the best at home foot treatments for constant walkers available on the market today. Physix Gear Sports prides themselves on easy to use products that are enjoyable and orthopedically friendly in use.

The outer lining of these particular massage balls is premium rubber and doesn’t involve any latex. This is good news for many people whose skin doesn’t appreciate direct contact with latex. Spiked massage balls have been used for therapeutic treatments for many years and now these can be used from the comfort of your own home.

They aim to self-stimulates muscles and circulation via gentle movements, thus providing comfort to anyone with knots or pains on their feet. Although we’re examining these balls from a foot treatment perspective, don’t forget they can be used for almost any body part!

Using Physix Gear Sports Massage Ball For Massage

What's more, massage balls are great at isolating problem areas on your body. Unlike most orthopedic solutions these can be used on only one foot or knee if you are having no problems with the other one.

What We Like

We’ll quickly go over both what we like about these massage balls from Physix Gear Sports.

Easily Portable

Those who have foot problems will tell you that they can strike at any time. Whether you’re sitting in a busy airport, at the top of a mountain hike, or simply relaxing in the work lunchroom, your feet are going to be there!

That’s what makes the portability of these little massage balls so valuable. You can keep them in your backpack or handbag and whip them out to roll underfoot whenever you’re in the mood for some foot treatment.

Simple To Use

Massage balls are a remarkably easy to use foot treatment product that can be utilized in either standing, sitting or crouching positions depending on what effect you’re going for. There are a whole host of different techniques that can be used to achieve maximum results, but the most simple – just rubbing – definitely does the trick too.

This means that these massage balls are appropriate for use by just about anyone, including children, nurses, athletes, runners and more.

Gets At The Right Spots

The small spikes on the surface of these massage balls helps them to really dig into all the right places. These small spikes can touch on trigger points and help to work out knots in the muscles in your feet and knees.

Using Physix Gear Sports Massage Ball For Massage Feet


It’s always nice to know when you buy something that it’s actually going to last. Considering the constant pressure applied to a good massage ball over the years it is worth investing in a proper one to begin with.

These little massage balls are made with premium grade rubber and come with a life time guarantee!


You’ll find there are more benefits to these little massage balls than just feeling good when you use them. Their effective use can result in less stress, boosted mobility, injury relief, extra circulation, muscle stimulation and tension release!

The fact that you can use them on almost any part of your body is also a big plus. And there’s nothing to stop you from asking your partner for help if you want to use them on your back as well.

The balls come in three types: combine double, single round or spiky. All types are effective for massaging but spiky is considered to provide the most noticeable benefits over a short period of time. So, if you’re after instant results spiky are the ones to go for.

What We Don’t Like

Unfortunately, nothing in the world is perfect, and that includes these Physix Gear Sports Massage Balls.

Sitting On Physix Gear Sports Massage Ball

The problem some reviewers have with these balls is that they are too firm or not firm enough for their liking. There are different degrees of firmness to choose from so it’s important that you select carefully what will be best for you.

Those looking for a more gentle treatment should order a less firm ball and those opting for a harsher one will need to go with a firmer ball. From what we’ve read it looks like it’s better to go firmer rather than softer in this arena.

Buying advice

Priced at around $10, many reviewers say that these are great little massage balls for the relatively cheap price. The superior materials used will help to ensure you don’t need to rebuy anytime soon either!

Amazon has sold these massage balls at a reasonable price for a long time and is our recommended retailer. At the time of this review being written the balls came with a free eBook on how to properly use them for effective results.

Free stuff is always nice and regardless of whether it’s by reading the book or watching a YouTube video, we do recommend that you get an idea of what to do before starting to use these balls. That way you’ll get proper health returns for the time you spend treating yourself.


Effective and versatile, Physix Sport Gear massage balls are sure to please everyone who gives them a try. Physix Gear Sport really put their best effort into designing these massage balls and have done a wonderful job with them.

Woman Hand Holding Physix Gear Sports Massage Ball


Because of their combination with a free e-book, as well as the personalize-able colors, we think these massage balls would make great presents for any sports loving friends that you may have.

Amazon is likely to be able to combine shipping for you if you order a few, so consider combining your purchase if you’d like to get a few as gifts or have two to use on both feet at one. We think you’ll love using them!

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