Physix Gear Sports Muscle Roller Stick Review

Physix Gear Sports Muscle Roller Stick Review

It can be difficult to find an at-home leg treatment that is inexpensive and easy to use. This muscle roller stick from Physix Gear Sports satisfies all the requirements for being an effective leg treatment.

Available in either green, red or yellow, this muscle roller stick is a great gift to give to anyone who experience any form of muscular discomfort – or even someone who just likes a good massage every now and then.

Physiotherapists have been using these sticks for years now to help ease muscular tightness and target particular trigger spots. With one of these sticks you can now perform these actions from the comfort of your own home.

Illustration Of Roller Stick Helps At Leg Pain

By using the stick often you’ll find that you’re able to get rid of small problems while they’re still small – thus ensuring you don’t have any major muscle issues in future. And on top of the health benefits, the massages also feel nice! 

What We Like

Let’s take a look at what sets this particular muscle roller stick apart from other leg treatments on the market today.

High Quality Construction

This roller from Physix Gear Sports has clearly been made to go the distance with you, even if you’re a frequent everyday user.

Made with a strong stainless steel core and covered in thermoplastic, this rod is extremely durable.


Most people get frustrated with the squeak that many rollers make when they’re being used as massage tools. This roller has been specifically designed not to squeak! Massage time is far more relaxing with this roller because there is no noise to content with.

Comes With Service

The team at Physix Gear Sport are incredibly friendly and offer a 100% money back guarantee with this product. We don’t think many people would take them up on that as it is a pretty fantastic stick, but it’s nice to know the option is there and that customer support is on hand.

Easy To Use

There’s not really much about this roller stick to confuse its users. It’ just a regular stick with a few special materials added over-top. If you read a book or watch a YouTube video, you’ll quickly get the hang of how to effectively use this roller on your legs.

Physix Gear Sports Muscle Roller Stick Features

The handy stick shape of the roller helps you to reach almost anywhere on your body by yourself, that means that you don’t have to enlist the aid of another person when you’re in need of a massage.

The ergonomic rubber grip handle will help to ensure you don’t slip and injure yourself at any point as well as keeping your hand comfortable during longer massage sessions.

Big Benefits

There are so many benefits to using this little massage roller stick. Whether you’re a runner, walker of chronic leg pain sufferer, this stick can help.

By massaging your muscles, you will help them to recover faster by increasing the circulation around the joints and dispersing lactic acid at trigger points.

The 7 individual spindles of this roller stick rotate individually to really hug your muscles and provide deep tissue tension and soreness relief. Many people find getting a massage before bed helps them to sleep better.

Other people enjoy being able to roll away the stiffness that permeates their muscles in the morning. It’s always nice to know that you have a tool on hand to help you if things get sore, and owing this stick will ensure you do.

What We Don’t Like

Unfortunately, regarding this massage stick, a few reviewers weren’t too happy about a couple of things.

They didn’t appreciate that if used directly on the skin this stick can actually stick to and pull out hair. We definitely recommend only using it on hairless of clothing covered areas of your body to avoid this pain.

Man Using Physix Gear Sports Muscle Roller Stick

Rolling the stick over top of bones can be quite painful if done too hard. This stick is after all a muscle roller and not a bone roller, so you may want to be extra careful about where you are rolling it in order to avoid a nasty bruise.

These are rather minor elements with which to be dissatisfied and can be easily remedied by using this muscle roller stick correctly. What perhaps cannot be so easily remedied is the need to involve another person if you want to effectively massage your back.

If, however you’re just looking for a good self-leg-massager then look no further, this stick is a fantastic find and it feels so good!

Buying Advice

Ranging in price from around $10 upwards depending on where you purchase it from, this muscle roller stick from Physix Sports Gear is fairly cheap to obtain.

Rather than purchasing from an unknown brand, go with Physix Sports Gear and also stick to known retailers like Amazon who are able to offer you money back guarantees and all that jazz.

These muscle roller sticks are currently selling on amazon with a free eBook on how to use them. This is incredibly useful for those who haven’t used a roller stick before and we highly recommend reading it before you get started.


The Muscle Roller Stick Pro from Physix Gear Sports would make a great addition to any leg or muscle treatment kit. Many physiotherapists like to have one of these at hand and we think those serious about their leg health will too.

Physix Gear Sports Muscle Roller Stick


The massaging motion of this roller is both relaxing and effective at releasing stress on muscles. You may want to take it easy when you first start using it, but over time your muscles should be able to handle a little more pressure.

Overall this stick is a great purchase and will provide you with a lot of extra comfort over time. It gets a thumbs up from us.

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