Powerstep Pinnacle Shoe Insoles Review

Powerstep Pinnacle Shoe Insoles Review

Sometimes, we need more than just the shoes themselves to provide an orthopedically friendly experience. Insoles help to add that extra bit of comfort and lift to the inner part of our shoes without having to see a cobbler!

You’ll need to select your insoles carefully to ensure they work well with the type of exercise you are most likely to be doing in your shoes.

Powerstep Pinnacle Shoe Insoles

What if we told you that we’d found the perfect multi-purpose pair of insoles? Yes, that’s right; the Powerstep Pinnacle shoe insoles are likely to impress you right off the bat.

What We Like 

Their top grade construction is what initially drew us to them, and soon we found more than a few features to boot.

Proper Heel Cradling

Proper heel cradling has gradually been making its way into the market of mainstream foot insoles. This is fantastic to see and we were very pleased that the Powerstep Pinnacle insoles are no exception.

You’ll find that the deeper heel cradle in these insoles helps to protect your heels from the jarring impact of landing when you are out and about running or walking. The depth of the heel cavity will also help to stabilize your foot.

Furthermore, the almost rigid foot arch that comes out from the heel cradles will help to ensure you feel very well supported in these insoles.

Medical-Grade Support

The favorite feature of many reviewers is the proper support that these insoles provide. They aren’t just about comfort, they’re actually about helping to ensure you stay safe while exercising.

As a fairly flexible semi-rigid pair of insoles, these are great for anyone who is after full-arch support intended for mild to moderate pronation.

The Comfort

Just because they’re built for more than comfort doesn’t mean these aren’t comfortable! Made with a double layer of foam cushioning, these insoles will instantly transform tired worn out shoes into comfortable havens for your feet. We know that description sounds a little extreme, but they’re just so comfortable!

Powerstep Pinnacle Shoe Insoles Features

The anti-microbial fabric further serves to enhance the comfort of your shoes with these insoles. The fabric helps to keep your feet from getting too hot by reducing friction during extreme activity. This makes these an excellent choice for runners in hot climates.

The shock-absorbing EVA/VCT cushioning layer also helps to ensure your knees stay comfortable if you’re funning or walking over long distances. This can be especially helpful on hard city street surfaces.

Easy To Use

Despite their complex benefits, these insoles are very simply designed and easy to insert into the base of any shoe. You can easily do this from home without the help of a cobbler which is a plus for those with a budget friendly conscience.

These insoles would go great inside of athletic shoes, dress shoes and even casual shoes depending on your needs.

Trusted Manufacturing

These insoles have been accepted by the American Podiatric Medical Association and they’re also made in the USA. This means that their production has to adhere to certain standards and that these shoes have been checked for their orthopedic abilities.

What We Don’t Like

Some of the reviewers have said that they actually found this shoe insoles rather irritating.

Gelling Problems

This pair of insoles uses gel-based arch support to provide its semi-rigid arch help. Although some people love this type of support, other reviews find it to feel “lumpy” and simply not work for them.

Holding Powerstep Pinnacle Shoe Insoles

It depends on what you’re after but do note that gel-based arch support is usually either loved or hated among insole users.

Width Issues

A few reviewers have noted that these insoles are correctly proportioned in terms of arch placement and height, but that they do tend to be a bit too wide for conventional shoes. We recommend trimming these insoles if they are too wide for your shoes instead of wrapping them up at the edges.

General Feel

It can be difficult to find an insole that works for you if you are buying online. Some reviewers found that there was nothing wrong with these insoles but they simply didn’t feel right for their feet or walking style.

A good trick often used is to go into a store and try out a pair of insoles to see if they work for you in real life. You can then go online to purchase without worries and enjoy the cheaper rates online marketplaces provide.

Buying Advice

The Powerstep Pinnacle shoe insoles are good to use if you’re after something for general walking or running support. Given the expense of orthopedic shoes these days, an insole is a great way of achieving safe shoes without overspending.

Coming in at around $20-$40 per pair depending on purchasing location, these insoles offer great bang for your buck and are the perfect way to upgrade your favorite pair of shoes.

Like any insoles these will need to be replaced every now and then as the support structures give way to pressure over time. The construction is high quality though so this replacement shouldn’t be too soon. Even so, as it’s hard to find a pair of insoles that truly work for you, if you find that these do, don’t hesitate to buy another few pairs in advance for future use.


The cheapness of the Powerstep Pinnacle shoe insoles when you consider their medical grade support makes them a great choice for anyone looking to get value for their money.

Powerstep Pinnacle Shoe Insoles Top View

Source: powersteps.com

Having proper insole support is very important to your bodies walking posture and orthopedic health so we definitely recommend getting a pair of insoles that suit your activity type. This particular set is well adjusted for general running or walking, making them quite versatile.

Provided that you care for your new insoles you could expect this pair to last you for quite some time and accompany you on many journeys.

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