Superfeet Green Heritage Insoles Review

Superfeet Green Heritage Insoles Review

Those who are shopping for a pair of shoe insoles will find there are many options available on the market today.

From cheap put in and go pairs, to pairs which are practically a shoe in their own right, the style that you choose will depend on what type of exercise you want to do with your new insoles.

One pair of insoles which in our opinion ticks all the important boxes is the Superfeet Green Heritage insoles.

About The Product

This pair of shoe insoles offers great comfort and a design that far exceeds most of the competing shoe insole designs.High-arch insoles are a top of the line inner-shoe support products. We think you’ll be impressed with the amount of lift these particular insoles give.

The easy to insert nature of these insoles make them an appropriate choice for just about anyone, as they can be easily placed within any type of shoe.It’s clear that the Superfeet insoles were designed with the environment in mind, and we absolutely love that they have an organic coating on their outer layer.

Superfeet Green Heritage Insole

Structure wise they are made with some of the most advanced technology out there on the insole market today.

Product Features

The Superfeet Green Heritage Insoles are both versatile and comfortable. Most reviews agree that they provide excellent support and posture help. They have top of the pile features and construction which help enable them to properly support user’s feet.

The following features are a large part of what makes the Superfeet Green Heritage insoles unique on the market:

  • Stabilizing caps at the base of the insoles provide added structure
  • Deep heel cups help to naturally absorb shock when in use
  • Easy slip-in design doesn’t require a cobbler
  • High density foam layers provide long-lasting support
  • Biomechanical shape helps to reduce stress on feet
  • Odor-controlled coating to keep bacteria at bay
  • Organic top layer

What We Like 

What makes these insoles great is that you get proper support features without paying the earth for a brand new pair of orthopedically friendly shoes. The benefits of these insoles come from the clever design created by Superfeet who pride themselves on providing high quality orthopedic products.

This ability of these insoles to support their users is largely due to the special biomechanical technology in them. This shaping helps to stabilize feet and thereby reduces stress not only in the feet but on the ankles and knees as well.

Superfeet Green Heritage Insoles Features

Another stabilizing aspect of this design that we appreciate is the deeper than average heel cup. Often deeper heel cups are associated with more natural shock absorption and better stability, which are both pluses for insole users.

As well as providing stability these insoles also provide great in-shoe comfort with their closed-cell foam layers. These provide firm yet comfortable cushioning that could greatly improve the experience in any shoe. Superfeet Green Heritage insoles also offer a number of environmental benefits:

  • Fully vegan construction
  • Latex free
  • Nickel sulfate free
  • Preservative free
  • Formaldehyde free
  • Organic natural odor-controlling top coat

These foam layers are not left to become squidgy over time though, as the team at Superfeet have been clever enough to incorporate a stabilizer cap at their base to ensure the foam layers receive enough structure and stability from below.

You’ll find that these insoles work well for a wide range of medium and high-volume footwear and can replace most factory insoles in everything from hiking boots to running shoes. 

What We Didn’t Like 

Unfortunately, the Superfeet Green Heritage insoles do have some disadvantages. The major one? Color. We know it sounds a little silly but this is actually important, crazy green isn’t exactly appropriate for use in business shoes!

Bone Feet With Shoe Insole

The other major concern is the high-arch shape. It will really depend on what type of foot and walking style you have as to whether this is a good thing for you or not. We recommend checking with a proper orthopedics professional as to what arch level is best for you.

Another problem reviewers who are more environmentally aware (which does seem to be Superfeet’s target market here) may have is that these soles are made from synthetic man-made materials. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a pair on the market that isn’t thought!

Buying Advice

Now you know what these insoles offer, you’re probably wondering where to get your hands on some of them. Amazon has these on sale at competitive prices year round, and almost always has a full range of both women’s and men’s sizes to choose from.

Coming in at around $35-$55 these insoles are on the expensive end, but that’s pretty normal for high quality environmentally friendly purchases. We definitely think this pair of insoles is worth the investment.


Although there are some concerns with the color of the Superfeet Green Heritage insoles, if you’re not looking for a pair of insoles for work shoes then these could be absolutely perfect for you. As a Superfeet product they are almost guaranteed to be high quality and to stand the test of time.

With advanced technology woven into their design, and superior close-cell foam comfort, it’s fairly easy to recommend these as some of the best insoles available on the market today.

For those who have foot problems these could be fantastic purchases. They are appropriate for anyone dealing with heel, arch or general foot pain and can be worn in most shoe types very comfortable.

Superfeet Green Heritage Insoles


The odor-free coating is a nice touch to these soles that will help to ensure you feel comfortable not just physically but socially in your shoes. Overall, this set of soles makes a great buy and comes highly recommended rom us and its current reviewers.

Our Rating

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