UFlex Knee Compression Sleeves Review

UFlex Knee Compression Sleeves Review

We love going out for jogs, but I think we can all agree waking up the next morning with sore joints or muscles around the knee isn’t fun.

With the UFlex knee compression sleeve wrapped around one or both your legs in a pair, that’s no longer a problem. Designed specifically for fitting comfortably around a runner’s leg while they’re moving – the UFlex knee compression sleeves are the best sleeves for joggers.

Man Stretching With UFlex Knee Compression

UFlex are innovative compression sleeve manufacturers, always seeking to improve their products so that they can maintain their excellent reputation.

What We Like

UFlex clearly understands the trouble that avid aerobic exercisers go through and this handy pair of compression sleeves is their solution.


How effective are these knee compression sleeves for different types of exercise? The short answer: very.

The long answer: for standard aerobic exercise use, owners of these knee compression sleeves can wear them no matter what they’re doing. Walking, jogging, elliptical training, even full out running, these sleeves can take it all.

Of course, they are specifically designed for aerobic activity, so you won’t want to go weight lifting in them! Apart from gym work though, these sleeves can handle most any activity. That makes them a great choice for all-round sports people. Think tennis, volleyball and more!


Brilliantly crafted, reviewers are pleased that these UFlex knee compression sleeves live up to their reputation in terms of wear-ability.

The sleeves are made from ultra-lightweight materials to ensure that they don’t weigh you down over long distances if you’re training for a marathon or similar running event.

The support to comfort ratio is well balanced by the four-way stretching capability of the fabric used. This technology allows the sleeves to effortlessly mold to the form of the leg while it is in constant motion.


Sleeves are easier to wear than ever with this unique design from UFlex. These knee compression sleeves are made with anti-slip silicone, meaning you won’t have to keep re-adjusting your sleeves mid-workout.

UFlex Knee Compression Sleeves Features

Professional Support

Reviewers are well pleased by the support structure included in the UFlex knee compression sleeves. The expertly designed sleeves offer optimal compression with the aim of protecting knees and muscular endurance.

You can even use these knee compression sleeves as means of pain relief if you suffer from minor or incipient knee injuries (please see a doctor or physiotherapist first for medical advice).

Quality Materials

The simple high quality nylon and lycra blend material of these sleeves is formed using the latest 3D technology – we think that’s pretty cool!

What We Don’t Like

As awesome as the UFlex knee compression sleeves are at supporting jogger’s knees, there are quite a few negatives that some reviewers felt it was their duty to make us aware of.

Support Level

When worn properly, the UFlex knee compression sleeves provide moderate levels of support intended to aid in running. These sleeves are definitely not cut out for weight-lifting or extreme exercises.

Trying to use the wrong sleeves for a type of exercise can be harmful, so please be careful in your selection.

Thigh Fit

The width of the thigh portion of these knee compression sleeves is being questioned by some reviewers who say it is too small. This width problem can result in sleeves sliding down mid-workout.

If your own thighs are on the larger side, then this could mean that these aren’t for you. If you have regular-small sized thighs, then these would still be an excellent choice for you.

Dual Usage Recommended

This one isn’t necessarily a bad thing as most reviewers tend to wear two sleeves at once anyway, but a reviewer who had intended to wear just one found this to be quite tricky. Apparently, the extra support for one knee made the other knee take on too much work.

UFlex Knee Compression Sleeves Measures

It's therefore recommended that if you are going to get these sleeves that you purchase one for each leg and use them simultaneously to achieve even pressure on your muscles.


Now the biggest turn off when it comes to any online purchase is that you are not able to try it on in-store prior to buying it.

At just over $20, these sleeves aren’t a big risk, but a few people have found themselves ordering the wrong size.

In order to avoid this, you should definitely take the time to measure your leg and pick the correct size based on the sizing chart provided by the retailer. These sleeves come in 3 standard sizes: small, medium and large.

Buying Advice

As mentioned earlier, the price tag on the UFlex Athletics knee compression sleeves fortunately isn’t too steep.

The purpose of these UFlex sleeves is to protect leg muscles during workouts and it certainly does that effectively. Considering the health benefits to your body of owning a decent pair of sleeves for running, we think these are an absolute bargain.

These sleeves are also very versatile. So, unless you are definitely planning on incorporating heavy lifting into your workouts, these sleeves will be the only ones you need to purchase.

Oftentimes purchasing two sets will help to minimize the time you spend near the washing machine each week. Note that these knee sleeves are usually sold individually, so two sets will probably mean ordering four sleeve ‘products’.


If you are only planning on using the UFlex knee compression sleeves for jogging, running, basketball, tennis, hiking or other aerobic activities, then we think you’ll be well impressed with what it can do.

However, if you’re looking for a heavy-duty pair of knee compression sleeves then you may want to go searching elsewhere.

UFlex Knee Compression Sleeves On White Background

Source: uflexathletics.com

Once again, we cannot stress enough how important it is for you to choose the right knee compression sleeves for the exercise type you are doing. Always bear your intended use in mind when buying sleeves!

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